Fontaines, André des

Description: André DES FONTAINES (1869-1910) – On the way – Pastel on cardboard signed below left – 5″ x 7″

André Fontaine , called “The painter of stars”, born on March 6, 1926at Saint-Gédéon, and died on January 30 , 2005in Quebec , is a painter and a journalist. He created his own movement in painting: “cosmonitic art”.

As a painter, his works were awarded for the first time in 1953 at the international level among more than 5,000 works exhibited. André Fontaine, develops his “cosmonitic art”, made from a revolutionary medium, which he named “Texmos” in 1963.

In 1963, the American Academy of Arts and Letters awarded him a medal and a scholarship for his artistic creations and research, including the creation of a new painting medium. The following year, he won the gold medal from the American Architectural Association.

A bright future is emerging for the artist who is gaining popularity. His work represents his vision of the Infinite Universe, a step in the future, and marks the era with its modernism. The exhibitions are linked together and great American and foreign personalities buy his paintings. The new composition of his paintings gives an effect of three dimensions . In the United States, we know him mainly by his surname “Fontaine”, so in 1965, Walt Disney pays tribute to him by a comic strip of Mickey Mouse in which Mickey Mouse’s nephew shows that he got the autograph of the painter Fontaine. Now known worldwide, following simultaneous exhibitions in 10 world capitals, Fontaine, like many personalities has earned his success abroad, before being recognized in his native country. In Canada, Galerie L’Art français holds the exclusive representation of the artist by having acquired all his available works.

In 1966, the Wowetco, organization of artistic and cultural works took him under contract and his works are found exposed throughout the world.


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